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It is conjectured that the member of staff sitting front is Miss E B Loosemore , Senior Mistress, and the Prefect in the centre, back row, is Norah Patricia Powell. / Following is a list of prefects from relevant Penvros: December 1928 Prefects: Glyndwr :- . E. Davies, L. M. P. Rees, W. B. Tregidon, W. H. Bevan, VY. G. Sargent. Picton :-L. K. Paybody, O. Pankhurst, D.l\L Brown, E. G. Taylor, L. H. Andrews. Tudor :-D. G. Powis, O. C. May, G. L. Berry, J. V. Morgans, C. Rouse. / July 1929 Prefects: B. R. Aveston who replaces W. B. Tregidon in Glyndwr, S. J. Hobson who replaces D. M. Brown in Picton, and E. M. M. Wells who was made additional prefect in Tudor, and fills the gap left by G. L. Berry. / July 1930 Prefects: New Prefects are N P. Powell who took the place of B.R.Aveston in Glyndwr, N. A. Dew and D. Jenkins who took the places of S. J. Hobson and M, H. Manning in Picton. / If anyone can relate names to faces in the above then please let us know.

1A Prefects 1929-30

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